Mandarin is absolutely universal fruit. It is sweet, but low in calories – one medium size fruit contains 40-45 calories. Acids stimulate the appetite, so fresh fruit and juice of them are recommended for people suffering from anaemia and underweight. However, wishing to lose weight can eat the delicious fruits without fear, because they accelerate metabolism and improve overall body tone. A couple of tangerineseaten after a big dinner will help to digest heavy food.The fruit size and their color depends on the variety. The brighter the skin color, the more the Mandarin provitamin A that affect skin condition and eye health. Rich in fruits and vitamin C, necessary for the prevention of colds, vitamins D and K, are responsible for the condition of the nervous system and blood vessels, as well as supporting the body in good shape.Tangerines have a disinfecting and cleansing effect. Patients suffering from bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis, it is recommended every morning to drink a glass of fresh tangerine juice. It helps cleanse the bronchi and elimination of mucus. Freshly squeezed tangerine juice is a great cure and for colds. It has antiviral and antimicrobial action, good thirst quencher. Besides, fresh juice is improves mood. In the cold season, a glass of juice in the morning will help to prevent bouts of seasonal depression and give courage. Eating the fresh pulp of tangerines, don't forget about their cover. We should not waste such a valuable product. The infusion of fresh or dry skin useful in tracheitis - it softens the cough, and has a marked expectorant action. A decoction of the peel is recommended to take those who suffer from diabetes – it is able to reduce blood sugar levels.Mandarin essential oil helps with nausea. Women suffering from morning sickness or people who are experiencing bouts of faintness in the plane or in the car, it is useful to keep on hand a bottle of the oil. You can add it to creams or base oils for a relaxing massage tangerine oil will relieve pain and muscle tension, improve skin tone and help smooth out stretch marks and shallow scars.