Find out whether you meet the requirements for judges. You must have higher legal education and experience in law not less than five years. For some vessels, for example, the Supreme arbitration court, requires 10 years of experience. You should not have problems with the law, neither in the past nor in the present. Also the judge is not a person with dual citizenship.
If you fit to be a judge, sign up for the exam. It holds a special examination Commission during the qualification Collegium of judges. To register for the exam, you need to contact the registry of the court where you want to work with. There you can report the frequency of going to the Commission.
Apply for participation in the exam. It can be addressed at a local or Higher qualification Collegium of judges (vkks). When prompted, you must decide whether you want to pass the exam in order to become the arbitrator, or a court of General jurisdiction.
Prepare for exam. For this study the tickets and issues in the specialty. They are available on the official website of the CCG.
On the exam, select the ticket. Answer theoretical questions and solve the problems of everyday judicial practice. Thus, the exam will be tested and your knowledge of legislation and ability to apply it in a particular situation. For preparation you will be given two hours, after which you'll have to imagine the answers of the Commission. If necessary, answer further questions arose.
Wait for the announcement of the examination results. They will be known the same day. You will receive a score on a scale. If your score is 3 or above, you will receive a certificate giving the right to apply for the position of judge. In the evaluation of "unsatisfactory" you will be able to retake the exam at a later date.