You will need
  • - claw hammer;
  • - wooden boards;
  • - plywood;
  • - screws.
Remove the old floor using crowbar. If part of the boards remaining in good condition and does not rot, you decided to leave, try not to damage them when removing nails. After dismantling them again pristrelite.
Much cracked rotten joists replace. It is not necessary to enclose under a Board wedges, so as to further weaken their landing again will make the floor unstable. If the use of wedges has not been avoided by placing them between boards and joists, additionally fix it with nails.
If the boards are designed to replace your old, differ from the latter in thickness, cut the back side in those places that have lag. After installation, they will lie on a single level with old boards.
For reinforced and leveled the joists, install the Board, first without the attachment. Check to see how close they are to each other are adjacent, and only after that beat, rallying them with staples.
To thoroughly align the plank flooring, contact a flooring plywood. Choose it according to the following principle: the floor more variation, so it needs to be thicker. For additional insulation to lay roll insulation.
Fit the plywood to the size of the floor, trim the excess pieces. Walk around it to appreciate its stability. In those places where the plywood sags, put the pieces of MDF and make a mark. The joints of sheets of plywood and fill with foam or silicone sealant.
Attach the plywood to the floor with screws. Place them on a distance of 50 cm from each other. It does not tighten them to the end and do not place in locations where you made the mark. Again walk on the plywood floor to verify the accuracy of the fit of the sheets. Then tighten fasteners, utaplivaja in the tree cap screws.