You will need
  • - 200 grams of yarn;
  • hook.
Pick up the yarn for the blanket. Fit cotton, linen thread, acrylic yarn special for children. For knitting blanket for baby you will need about 200 grams. Traditional colors for boys is blue and for girls pink, however, plaid can be linked any bright colors that will appeal to the child, or pick up yarn in the color of the nursery – grey, pale lilac.
If you first picked up a hook, you need to learn the types of loops that you will use when knitting plaid. To start work with the chain of air loops. For promazyvanija one such loop tie a knot in it and slip it into the hook. Hook them to a string and drag it through the hole in the bundle – you get the first loop.
To purl into the chain, pass a hook through your final loop, hook the working thread and pull through the first loop, and here you have finished the second. In this way provarite air chain the desired length. This will be the width of the blanket.
Basic technique in which you knit the blanket is columns with nakida. To purl into the bar, throw the thread on the hook, pass it into the next loop and, as with promazyvanii air loops, pull it through the thread. Now you on the hook, three loops, which you must connect in pairs in two steps.
Provarite chain loops by columns with nakida, vymazyvaja on the bar in each loop. After you've finished the series, link three air loop and start knitting the next row of columns. Complete rows need to until your rug will not become the desired length.
After you have finished knitting, the blanket can be decorated ruffles, sew the perimeter of the lace, stick a funny application.