You will need
  • - one large flat screwdriver;
  • - small hacksaw/small screwdriver;
  • - xenon lamp;
  • cutters;
  • - screws up to a length of 1 cm.
Remove the headlights, you want to install xenon. To do this, lift the bonnet lid and with a screwdriver, Unscrew the top screw counterclockwise.
Put your hand down behind the headlamp. There is a small latch. Feel it, press down. This latch holds the headlight in place, so when you hear a click, then pull it toward you. About the grille is the main connector from the headlight. It is necessary to disconnect. Click on the lever in the middle of the connector by force. When you hear a click, you can completely remove the headlight from the socket.
Remove the connector that attaches to the top of the lamp. It's easy to do if you click in the bottom clip. Carefully remove the two connectors from the latch. You should only plug of plastic.
Take the xenon lamp. Using the hacksaw or jigsaw cut out the connector holes in the shape of the tail lamps. This should be done from the opposite side latch. After a check is inserted into the lamp. Everything should fit snugly and not wander about.
While cutting you removed the metal clip. Put it back, cutting off with wire cutters prevent edge.
Attach the ignition to the notch below the headlights. Pinning is better to make small screws (no longer than 1 cm).
Set back at the bulb rubber cover. For this cut a small hole. It should positioned close to the xenon, then no moisture, it will not be terrible.
Exactly connect all the wires. Install the headlight in place, check your work by turning on the light. A good road!