You will need
  • - stand with guide and template clamp;
  • gas torch or heat gun;
  • - sander disc type;
  • - straightening hammer and the mandrel;
  • - table of repair of the body;
  • - sealing tape;
  • - primer coating;
  • - welding machine;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - spatula.
Remove from the body all parts to ensure free access to the spar, including body panels and relevant wheel arch. When repairing the front side members on the flap of the engine compartment on the passenger side can be especially flammable items, so be careful. Be sure to remove all wiring and electrical parts around the repair area.
Perform a preliminary stretching and straightening of the damaged spar to form close to the original. Special clamps secure the vehicle on the stand. Grips attach only in places of horizontal joints contact factory welds. After a preliminary drawing if necessary, cut the pieces of spar that are to be replaced. Replacement of the damaged parts of the spar without pre-stretching will complicate the subsequent repair. Don't pull the spar more than that. Upon completion of the preliminary drawing check the condition of the doors and hinges.
Peel off the undercoat and sealer at the welding areas. To do this, pre-heat the undercoat and sealer with a gas torch or an industrial Hairdryer. After heating the coating and the tape is easy to peel off the steel trowel. When working with a blow torch and a heat gun be careful not to burn the upholstery of the passenger compartment.
Check the geometry of the spar at check points and repair the table. For the convenience of makernote control point on the spar and other parts. Then do stretching flatly, trying to control points of the spar coincide with points on the stand, and the size coincides with the table body repairs. Irregularities in longitudinal level and grind disc grinding machine. Check the parallelism of the spars and wheel arches. When working with a sander and a grinder wear safety glasses to prevent eye injury.
Mold damaged related parts and wheel arch straightening with hammer and Dolly. Also even out the welding flanges damaged parts. When welding observe safety precautions and use a helmet, canvas gloves and protective shoes. Straightening with a hammer and Dolly to even out the edges of the wheel arches and side members to ensure that they are snug to each other.
Apply new sealing tape on the joints of the panels of the passenger compartment. Apply a new primer coat on the joints between the panels, the lower part of the spar on the inner surface of the wheel arches. Thereafter, the painting of the body. Before working with primer and paint coatings provide adequate forced ventilation in repair shops, read the labels on the trains. Avoid getting these substances on the skin and do not smoke during the work.
After carrying out of painting works apply anti-corrosion coating. Install all removed parts. Damaged replace with a new one. The moving parts and apply grease. Fill with coolant. Air conditioner refill refrigerant. Check the gaps between body panels, check the operation of the hood lock.