Medications in the shoulder is introduced into the outer surface, as there are a large number of blood vessels and nerves under the skin, and in the crease here she is easy-going. In the shoulder, you can do subcutaneous and intramuscular injections. Before you give an injection, prepare everything you need: disposable gloves, medical alcohol, cotton wool, disposable syringe and medication.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and put on sterile gloves. Prepare the drug for injection. If it is in a sealed vial, remove the protective cap and wipe rubber stopper with alcohol. Then right across the cover type medicine.
A cotton swab dipped in alcohol, wipe the surface of the skin. It is better to use several swabs to wipe the first large surface, and the second a smaller, direct injection site, and a third dry swab, hold the little finger of the left hand (for lefties it will be the right hand).
Remove the needle cap and take in handed the syringe so that it successfully put pressure on the piston. Usually it is clamped between the index and middle finger, while your index finger rests on the needle cannula and the thumb on top of the cylinder.
Mentally divide the shoulder horizontal lines into three parts and the second hand, in which is clamped a cotton swab, gather a fold of skin in the middle part. Should be formed a triangle, facing the base down.
A sharp hand movement insert the needle at a 45° angle to the base of the folds are 1-2 mm deep. Release the fold of skin and release the hand, press the plunger and inject the medication. The site of the injection press with a dry cotton swab and remove the needle.
When performing intramuscular injections in the working hand, hold the syringe with medicine and with your free hand stretch the skin at the injection site. Insert the needle at a right angle at 2/3 of its length and by pressing the plunger, inject the medication. After removing the needle, press the injection site with a dry cotton swab.