The observance of a certain sequence of actions in setting the injection child will be useful to both the layman and the medical professional:to put injections to children, complete your office or another place productions shot interesting and original. Use bright posters, set up the toys.
First talk to the child about unrelated matters. Engage the child in dialogue with you. It is necessary to weaken the vigilance of the little man and distract him from unpleasant thoughts about the upcoming shot. And no matter what age the child, even babies react to kind words and gentle voice.
Give the child a subject which interested him for some time. It may be odd toy, book or a medical syringe without the needle. Turn on a cartoon or kids show, if available.
Act quickly and clearly. Prepare the syringe with medication. Grease a spot for the injection of medical alcohol, or skin antiseptic solution. Make the injection. During the medication administration continue to distract the child with talk. If you make the shot very young child, the use of loud and sharp sounds in order to distract the child. To put injections to children, be sure to consider their position and think of yourself in a similar situation in my childhood.
After the procedure is completed, praise your child, regardless of his reaction to the shot. Tell me, what he done, what he is brave and strong child that he is not afraid of injections and perfectly withstood the shot. Praise even if the child was crying and afraid.
Finally emphasize on the fact that the place the injection was not painful and next time do not need to fear. If the child is crying, then do it after he calms down. Become a child's affirmative response that he really didn't hurt.