You will need
  • - locking rings puller;
  • - bearing puller;
  • vise;
  • - a hammer.
Remove the front strut of the vehicle. Install the part in the vise. With a hammer knock the hub. Replace the bearing. This will release the inner snap ring, slightly striking a hammer on the remaining part of the bearing in the hub. Remove the retaining ring bearing puller snap ring pliers. It is a hand tool similar to pliers with removable straight or curved tips. If you don't have it handy for removing the snap ring, you can use two screwdrivers of the right size.
Remove the bearing with bearing puller. Emboss part of it remaining in the hub. This can be done by using a mandrel of suitable diameter. Clean all parts of old grease, a thin layer licola lubricate all internal surfaces. Install the inner snap ring puller snap ring pliers, and then the new bearing into the housing the steering knuckle.
Install outer snap ring into the slot of the fist. Press the hub into the bearing until it stops, the prop needs to fix the inner ring of the bearing, otherwise it can be damaged. Reinstall the front strut of the vehicle. Check the wheel alignment.
To replace the bearings in the rear hubs remove the wheel in order to change it. After removing the brake drum, remove the oil seal with a screwdriver. Remove the inner ring of the inner bearing. The outer ring of the outer bearing need to knock out with a hammer, hitting them in the plumbing beard. Also with a hammer and goatee mypressure and the outer ring of the inner bearing. Clean all parts, lubricate them with new grease for the bearings install into the hub outer ring inner bearing using a suitable size mandrel.
Press in the same way into the hub outer ring of the new outer bearing. Install the greased inner ring of the inner bearing and seal. After you put the brake drum on the axle, secure the inner ring of the outer bearing washer and nut hub. Install the wheel into place. Check the wheel alignment.