You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - hexagons;
  • - bearing.
Before carrying out repair work to replace the bearingand disconnect the washing machine from the electricity, water and Sewerage. Move it at a comfortable distance from the wall, Unscrew the screws and remove the back cover. You will also have to remove the top cover to have access to the drum. But before you get to it, Unscrew the spring screws spring supports, remove the load.
Next, open the loading hatch of the drum, remove the seal gum. Across the top, remove the washing tank.
Remove the drive belt, remove the cuff. You will see the bearingthat has worn out and requires replacement. If you shake, you'll find a backlash, he was the culprit of the loud screeching and howling during the spin cycle, and also because it always flew the drive belt, which you certainly had no time to set up again, cutting off hands from sharp edges of the case.
Pull out the bearing, put a new. Assemble the washing machine in the reverse sequence. First, install the Cup, put the tank, screw the mounting spring supports. Clamp the belt, install the cargo. Fasten the back and top cover, check the sealing gum. Install the washer in place using the mounting level. Connect to the system of water supply, Sewerage and electricity.
All the work to replace the bearingand, with the condition that you bought it in advance, take no more than one and a half hours, but if you never fully disassembled the washing machine yourself, it is better to turn to professionals from a service repair shop. What at first glance seems quite simple, a beginner can cause serious problems, and improper disassembly and Assembly threaten the exit of the machine.