Guided by the principle: sweet with sweet, bitter with bitter. But pick up snacks to the bitterness (or sweetness) beer is not perfect the taste. However, this rule has an exception: the classic combination of chocolate with a strong hop beer.
Pair delicate Beers with delicate snack, and rich with abundant food. The intensity of the taste of the drink consists of such factors as the fortress, hop bitterness, podsushennoy, the nature of the malt. That is why when choosing snacks always consider sweetness, bitterness, glazirovannogo, saturation and sharpness of the taste of beer. Take into account and then in what time of year you decide to treat yourself to a beer with a suitable snack. In the hot summer it is better to give preference to the lighter grades of drink and snacks, and in winter a more abundant food with good grades.
Experimenting with flavors, you can give preference and contrast. If you want a beer all the same muted taste of the food, combine light beer with fatty foods. The taste of beer the type of beer-based mixed with the chocolate note, combine with sweet chocolate. Contrast you can create by combining lager beer with hearty snacks and grill.
Try a tested combination. Viscous porter combined well with stews, roasted meat or grilled chicken. It is oysters or Roquefort cheese (and any other sharp cheese, optional with layers of mold). Beer Pilsner type or lager goes well with grilled sausages or roast pork. Lager can eat and seafood (shrimp, squid). Suitable and conventional salted fish, preferably fatty varieties.
Combine fruit beer or lambic with light dessert dishes, if you want to adhere to the principle of uniformity. However, such Beers you can cook baked fish or poultry.