One of the reasons for the appearance of the widow's hump osteoporosis is a disease in which reduced bone strength. And despite the fact that this affects the entire skeleton, the disease manifests itself outwardly deformation of the thoracic and cervical spine. If you put this diagnosis, eat foods rich in calcium. Get more sun, by which the body produces vitamin D3. If necessary, take calcium-containing pharmaceutical preparations enriched with kolecalziferola (vitamin D). This will prevent the development of disease, and in combination with other measures will help to cure it.
Go physiotherapy. A pronounced effect of pulse currents and ultrasound therapy. It is desirable not to be limited to 10-15 procedures. To prevent the disease from progressing, you need to take at least 2-4 courses of physical therapy annually.
Neck massage is very effective in fighting widow's hump. Experienced specialists are able to remedy the defect in just a few sessions. Of course, this is only possible at an early stage of the disease. In advanced cases will have to pass a few massage courses for 10-15 procedures.
Follow the food. As the widows hump is composed of fat, sudden weight gain immediately leads to the progression of the disease. Eliminate from the diet fatty foods, baking, sugar. Keep counting calories.
Keep an active lifestyle. Lack of exercise contributes to the rapid growth of the widow's hump. Two or three times a day perform exercises to strengthen the spine. Lying on your back, take a deep breath and as hard as you can press the back to the floor. On the exhale, relax. Repeat 5-7 times. For older people this exercise may seem complicated, you should regularly do some simple exercises. Sitting, put hands on shoulders. Alternately allot elbows back and return them to the starting position.