Please contact one of the offices of the Federal migration service for the city of Samara and Samara region, depending on where you are registered at the place of residence. Thus, the residents of Leninsky, Oktyabrsky, Samara, Kirov, Krasnoglinsky and Kuibyshev district will have to apply to the address: Gagarin str., 66A (tel.(846) 241-90-91, 241-93-83, 373-89-70). Here is the registration and issuance of passports for those who registered in Volzhsk, Kinel, Khvorostyanskaya, Alexeyev, Bezenchuksky, Televershina and Shentalinsky areas of the region.
Living in Samara's Industrial district works Department of the Federal migration service, located at the address: Kalinina str. 13A (tel: (846) 995-13-49) and in the Soviet – address: Aerodromnaya street, d. 98 (telephone: (846) 262-86-62). Find out what documents you need for registration of the passport.
Complete the application form in one of the offices of the Federal migration service or download the form from the website (need to install Adobe Reader) and complete it yourself. Enter accurate and complete information. Corrections and errors can not be tolerated. Fill in the form in capital letters. Print the document in 2 copies (for children – 1-m).
Specify in the column "Data on labour activity during the last 10 years" time of your training (including in school), work (work-book), service (military ticket). Ask the employer or the Dean of the University (Director of school) to put the signature under this column. If you consist on the account in service of employment, you will need to submit to FMS a workbook and a certificate from the labour exchange, and indicate in this column data on place of residence.
Prepare documents: the passport (the birth certificate of the child with a mark about citizenship of the Russian Federation) and a certified copy thereof, a certificate from the military registration and enlistment office (for young men from 18 to 27 years). Photo taken directly in the office of the Federal migration service and get 2 copies of photo (1 for children).
Pay state fee for issuing a passport. Give the immigration officer all the documents and filled the application form. Get a passport in 30 days.