Advice 1: How to melt goose fat

Since ancient times melted goose fat was considered in Russia as a folk remedy for the prevention and treatment of many respiratory and skin diseases. Thanks to natural components it is a good and safe cosmetic. But, more importantly, goose fat is perfect for cooking a variety of dishes.
How to melt goose fat
You will need
    • goose fat;
    • pan.
Due to the fact that goose fat is not as hard as fat other birds and animals, to melt it much easier and faster. To make the process of melting more quickly, cut the fat into small pieces.
Take a clean pan, preferably with a thick bottom, to fatlike weight is not burned in it. And rascality it on high heat. The pan must be dry, otherwise the grease will splatter in all directions.
Once the pan is hot, add a small pinch of salt. This is spray grease, and food cooked after kindling fatbut will not burn to the pan.
Make the fire as small as possible, put in a pan of goose fat and wait until it is completely melted. You can cover the pan with a lid.
If you want to melt a large amount of fatand spread it on the pan in small portions and get received fat with a spoon into a glass jar. You can also strain it through cheesecloth.
After the fat has cooled, close the jar and refrigerate.
Use melted fat, as a base for grilling meats and vegetables. Thanks to natural ingredients it is completely safe for use in food.
Melted goose fat can also be used in the manufacture of in home protective and nourishing masks for the face. This slightly warmed fat should be mixed with a few drops of camphor oil and apply for 20 minutes on the face. Then remove the fatand tissue and wash with warm water.
Good to use the melted fat for the treatment of eczema or dry skin of the hands and feet in the winter. Thanks to the warming properties, it perfectly removes inflammation, softens the skin, making handles smooth and silky. Spread fat on the skin just once a day, but to achieve maximum effect, you should do this regularly.

Advice 2 : How to clean grease from kitchen furniture

The kitchen is a functional room, so it is not surprising that her cleaning is required often. Mostly cleaning the kitchen is cleaning out the grease, which in large quantities are accumulated on the surfaces during cooking.
How to clean grease from kitchen furniture
To clean kitchen furniture from stains, prepare to give the work enough time. If sediments have accumulated in the kitchen, not for one day, stains should first be soaked so they're easier to moved. After soaking you will need to wait at least ten minutes to take effect active ingredients used tools.

What can I use to launder all the fat from the surface

Household products to clean grease from surfaces can be liquid, creamy, in the form of a spray. Creamy is good to use on vertical surfaces – on walls or Cabinet doors. They will not be much spread, it is better absorbed into the stain with them to remove the fat easier.

Use of household chemicals is better in the following way: apply the product on to clean the surface and leave for a while. Then, using a wet sponge to gently wipe the surface. The fat reacts with the chemical components and removed quite easily.

Before using household chemicals, be sure to read the instructions for use. You may need to work in gloves, so as not to spoil the skin. Room after cleaning it is necessary to ventilate.

Chemicals that you are going to use to remove impurities first, try first to check somewhere in an inconspicuous area. Some of the funds very aggressive effect on the surface and is able to discolour them or leave unsightly stains. Wooden kitchen furniture requires more careful handling. Potent chemicals to use for cleaning is not necessary.

"Home" means to remove grease from the surfaces

Chemicals produced at the factory, can be replaced by "homemade", made from simple, safe ingredients. For example, baking soda can make a good oil or grease remover. To do this, three tablespoons of baking soda mix with a glass of warm water. The solution should be in the form of a slurry. This way it is possible to create a weak abrasive effect of fat is removed, and the surface is not scratched. When stains removed, area should be rinsed with clean water.

A powerful tool that helps you to remove the furniture, even the most stubborn grease spots, you can prepare on the basis of vinegar. One part vinegar mixed with four parts water and apply solution to the surface with oily stains. Leave it for a few minutes, then rinse with water and a hard sponge.

Advice 3 : How to remove belly fat

Unwanted fat tissue as women and men often is deposited in the abdomen. There are many ways to get rid of excess fat. The currently popular procedure of its pumping, called liposuction.
Liposuction allows you to achieve a flat stomach. With the help of liposuction plastic surgeons not only reduce the amount of adipose tissue, and simulate the stomach. Pre-plastic surgeon must examine the patient and determine the location of fat deposits and also skin condition, the doctor chooses the method of pumping oil. From this examination depends on the result of liposuction.
Then a plastic surgeon must inform the patient about all the complications and peculiarities of liposuction and also give some recommendations for preparing for surgery. For this purpose he may send a patient to a dietitian, who will advise a certain diet. The fact is that before the liposuction is undesirable to eat certain foods, beverages and medicines. This may affect the results of the operation. So as not to cause complications, the patient was sent to take some tests. The operation is not carried out during menstruation, and some skin diseases.
Liposuction of the abdomen is performed under General anesthesia, with the use of anesthesia. You should also inform the plastic surgeon. You can also choose local anesthesia. But if you are afraid of losing consciousness during surgery, here the best option would be the anesthesia.
During the surgery fat is necessary to apply a special drugs that liquefy it. During liposuction is a puncture in the navel area, below the breast or above the pubis. Later in the problem area you need to enter the cannula which is a hollow tube connected to the vacuum suction. Through them thus the fat is gradually removed from problem areas.
The result of the operation depends on many factors, including the number of pumped fat. If the removal is subject to a small amount of body fat, then the patient is discharged the day after surgery. Next, the surgeon must schedule a consultation for inspection and dressing. To the postoperative period went well, the patient is required during the month to wear special underwear.
After a few days the stitches will be removed. It is important to know that after liposuction from areas where the punctures were made can go to the specific liquid. Can also produce swelling and bruising. If you have any concerns for your own health, you can contact your doctor.

Advice 4 : The benefits of fish oil for men

Fish oil – a product unique in its composition. Its health benefits have long been proven by scientists. In particular, with regular courses receiving fish oil shown to help men stimulate the production of the sex hormone testosterone.
Fish oil

The composition of the fish oil includes a mixture of glycerides and of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, vitamins a and D. it is Established that vitamin D in the body of men contributes to the level of the hormone testosterone, responsible for the potency and other manifestations of "masculinity" - primary and secondary sexual characteristics. According to the results of clinical observations of male problems can also be associated with the lack in the diet of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3.

Ingestion of fish oil affects not only the sexual capabilities of men, but on the General state of health. This product promotes brain function and cardiovascular system.

Fatty acids lower blood viscosity, as a result, normalizes blood pressure, reduces the likelihood of blood clots, reduces the incidence of pain symptom inflammation of the joints. Ingestion of fish oil helps to speed up metabolism, the weight comes back to normal.

Of omega-3 fats greatest benefits docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), necessary for the growth and development of the organism. The human brain is 3% of these substances and the intake of omega-3 in addition to the daily diet has a positive effect on mental abilities, improves the condition and function of nerve cells.

Fish oil increases the amount of serotonin (the hormone "good mood"), so it can help with depression. Japanese scientists have found that the product inhibits the synthesis of stress hormones that cause spasms of the coronary arteries.

Fish oil is popular among bodybuilders: fatty acids are a good resource for building muscles, it has no harmful effect on the body.

Daily allowance of fish oil for men is 1.5-2 g (3-4 capsules of 500 mg), which is divided into several stages. Take it during a meal. To drink cod liver oil on an empty stomach is impossible, as there can be problems with digestion.

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