You will need
  • Knife, bag, hammer, two plates.
Soak the unshelled walnuts walnut in hot water. This will help to soften the shell and internal partitions. So the walnut will be easier to access. Wait for thirty minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a knife and two plates. One for peeled walnuts, one for the shell and partitions. Cleaned walnut walnut hand - a long process. You can combine it with your favorite movies.
Gently insert the knife into the opening between the shells of the nuta and turn. If you stick the knife too deep, rotate it will be more difficult. Don't overdo it. The nut should split in half. Remove the baffles, clean the nut with small shells.
To speed up the process, you can use another way. Fold the nuts in a plastic bag. The package spread on a hard surface which will not suffer from hammer blows. Gently tap each walnut through the bag. Vysypite contents of the package on the table and go through the nut. In this case, you will cope with the cleaning of the nutand faster. But beautiful shape when walnut walnut, carefully broken in half, achieve will not work.
There are also a number of tools for splitting a nuts: nutcrackers, nutokay and other fancy tools. They are all simple to operate and is based on the same principle.