Job search in Belarus can take place in several ways: distribution of graduates, registration at the labour exchange and free search. The graduates trained on the budget form are distributed to the working place mandatory, and that is where they will earn their first money.
The rest of you should do a free search because jobs with the labor exchange little correspond to the demands of young professionals. To eventually get the coveted high-paying job, is to follow the instructions.
Looking for a job daily. This activity must be systemic. Be sure to ask for help from family and friends.
Don't pass in front of the obstacles. If you are denied, take it as a stimulus to further more action.
Show maximum patience and perseverance. Be prepared for the fact that the first three months you will have a lot of hard work before you will achieve the desired result.
Aiming to give employers a good impression. Focus only on the positive aspects of his personality.
Set a clear goal. You need a clear idea of what you want to achieve in the end.
Create a detailed plan to achieve the target.
Make the most of your time. Not "sprayed" for details.
Learn how to communicate. During the interview, show yourself a master of verbal and nonverbal communication.
Learn how to ask questions. So you will get all the information you need.
Listen carefully. The ability to hear may play for you an important role.
Do not forget to analyze your actions - so you learn to strive for more.
And finally, remember that to earn money in Belarus is possible only at the expense of private companies. Work at the state enterprise does not satisfy your requests.