So, let's say that you want to remake a song on day of birth colleagues are working at the same company. The first step towards the creation of such greetings should be the choice of musical composition. The main thing here is that the motive was easy, recognizable and memorable, which could impress the birthday boy and his guests. Fit hits of past years, the works of your favorite artists or just easy listening, you can write words of congratulations.
Write in a column the qualities that you would like to highlight the birthday boy: what you appreciate and respect what traits help him in his life, what he is in dealing and communicating with you. The more laudatory epithets you gain, the easier it will be to put them into beautiful greeting lyrics.
And don't forget about wishes. Although this song will be appropriate at least one verse of at the end to dedicate it to the good wishes.
For example, you congratulate my colleague, the former military among the distinctive qualities – strength of spirit and ability to resolve any issues, the activity in all cases. His favorite musical composition - a song Yuri Antonov "Under a roof of thy house", which could easily be converted. In the end, the greeting could be:We doubt not prichinyi are not excessive praise,Because the wonderful man - a Wonderful birthday – You!Your military training And desire to be aware of delsea will help You spravlyaetsya a huge pile of problems,All difficult to solve poprosyat noise and no fuss,To the tasks to seriously Reaching.And in the original active life,in sport and torzhestvennaja You a sample of prestige,ladies Sigh in unison: "Oh!".But I give you rebateprocessing full,Always an example to us serves,the nature of the proof as a wall.We this day of January, snowy,wish You from the heart,To joy, happiness and nationational your life.And each day udajov their palms brought,And even the eyes are shining, Schastie You all have the strength!
You only have to print it on separate sheets of paper for yourself and on a beautiful card for the birthday child and sing during the celebration either solo or with someone of the employees. Be sure your colleague will love this congratulation, because you can sing along and applaud is the whole room!