Look in social networks (, Facebook, "Vkontakte", "Classmates" etc.). If you are interested in a person is registered in at least one of them under his own name, then find it is not difficult. It is only necessary to specify the region of Volgograd. Or you can meet people online who know the sought of man or know his whereabouts. Network created a specialized community for people search on the territory of Volgograd region (
Contact Volgograd address-reference Department, located at the starting address Rokossovskogo, 8. Write a statement indicating the name of the wanted person, is additionally a name, a patronymic and date of birth. Within a few days that person will indicate that you are looking for. Note that the desired person decides whether to answer to the request of the applicant.
Go to the website Here you will see the telephone directory of Volgograd, which presents the Bank people, and you can find lost friends, relatives, colleagues, co-workers, etc., putting the name of the person.
Set the search engine of the Internet "national people search". This project was created specifically so that you could find information about their friends, relatives, friends throughout the Russian Federation. In the special section, enter the search name and Find. You can find out the email address, mobile phone number and address of the person after sending the message indicating the number of your mobile phone (as a confirmation of a real person).
Find on the city website (local Board) the category "Other". Post free ads on wanted section "Looking for man", preferably in addition to putting the names and other details.