You will need
  • – screwdriver (set);
  • – spare parts: locking device handle (depending on the nature of the damage).
Determine at what point the operation was broken. If you can't open the lid of the hatch after the washing, then wait 1-3 minutes is the maximum idle time, as envisaged in the design of all modern washing machines. Touch lid handle with inner hand, there is a possibility that the opening is impossible due to foreign objects that get stuck and not allow the spring to overcome. In that case, if the hatch is not locked and the wash does not start, the problem may be due either to the failure of the locking device of the hatch, or a malfunction of the handle. Unfortunately, without disassembly to determine the cause of the failure will not succeed.
Make sure that the tank didn't have much water. Unplug the washing machine from the power supply. Depending on the construction of model open the top or side panel. It is necessary to move the drum to the back wall. This can be done by hand, but a bit easier to reject the body of the machine back to hatch naturally fell back. In the resulting gap between the edge of the tank and the front wall of the machine push arm and feel for the fasteners of the hatch. With the power press the hook to the right (if the hatch opens to the left) or left (if right). If the door is open, the locking mount is to be replaced. It rests on the screws, and the device can be found in a repair shop or service center.
Remove the door with a screwdriver in the case, if it is after the withdrawal of the fastener did not budge. For ease of dismantling is better to remove the door together with the hinges. You must gently separate the plastic from the glass arc lenses. To do this, position the door on a horizontal surface inner side up. Unscrew all the screws and carefully remove the turns in the inner arc, the outer lens and the plastic. On the outer arc is the handle – it is necessary to remove the screws from the inside. Probable cause of failure can be a crack, a fault in the springs, etc. most Often in case of breakage of the handle the replacement parts is inevitable.