You will need
  • - Wheat germ oil.
Before you use the oil of germ of wheat, consult your doctor. Despite its usefulness, the oil has a number of contraindications. It is not recommended to persons suffering from kidney stone or gallstone disease, so as not to trigger their relapse.
To maintain health and strengthen the immune system oil of wheat take over the past month. Daily dose of 2 teaspoons per day, which consumed half an hour before meals. If the taste of butter absolutely do not like, you can add it to already prepared meals to fill them on cereals, salads and other side dishes, but not subjected to heat treatment. To fry on a butter, is impossible, because when heated it loses all its useful properties.
For the treatment of gastritis and ulcers, take one teaspoon of oil of germs of wheat a day, morning and on an empty stomach. The course of treatment lasts 1-2 months and is combined with appropriate data for diseases with diet. In the prevention of gastritis, you can eat 1 teaspoon of oil in the evening after dinner.
Children's age and pregnancy are not contraindications for prophylactic intake of oil, only adjusted the dose. After 6 years a child can be given half a teaspoon of the composition twice a day. To strengthen the immune system in a similar way, you need at least two weeks. The same dose of oil is recommended for pregnant women, which the use of the oil allows not only to supply the body the vitamins, but also improve the bowels.