You will need
  • - a multivitamin;
  • - nootropic drugs.
The brain consumes large amounts of glucose, so for short-term stimulation of his work, you can eat something sweet. In addition to glucose, also need the b vitamins, retinol, rutin, ascorbic, folic acid and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Modern multivitamin complexes completely cover the daily needs of the organism for these substances. The effect of taking vitamins is not as fast as from the use of sweet, but it will last much longer.
To improve mental functions (memory) is needed daily workout. You can memorize phone numbers, names of people, names of cities, poems. A workout should last a few minutes and does not induce fatigue. For better comprehension, you can use mnemonic techniques to write memorable material on paper, speak it aloud, present in the mind, etc.
To stimulate the formation of new connections between neurons, and, consequently, improve the activity of the brain will help the introduction of something new in their way of life. Change handedness from right to left (for left-handers Vice versa) when performing household chores, a new route for walking, rearrange items on the desktop – all this improves attention, thinking and memory.
Proper functioning of the brain is impossible in conditions of lack of sleep. In the dream, the analysis and processing of obtained information day, translation of short-term memory to long-term. The amount of sleep necessary for successful work in the period of wakefulness is determined individually.
There are medical drugs that enhance the activity of the brain of the brain — nootropics. They increase metabolism in neurons, protecting them from lack of nutrients and toxins circulating in the blood. Nootropics are plant and synthetic origin. The most common drug first group is "Ginkgo Biloba", the second "Piracetam". Accept their courses for 30 days 2 times a year. The effect of nootropics develops gradually and lasts for 5-6 months. Some pharmaceutical companies are combining nootropics with drugs that improve cerebral blood flow. They potentiate the action of each other, as a result, the effect of treatment increases. Combined drugs include "Fezam", "Omaron", "Comitrol".