A large spread of the mechanical stapler. The main element of its design is a spring. It has a low cost. Among the advantages is worth noting the low weight and work without electricity. However, this stapler has disadvantages. When you work you have to make some effort. Use it for upholstery, frame made from solid softwood.
If you are working from a more solid material such as particle Board, pay attention to staplers powerful. To determine the power you can is quite simple. To do this, look in the specifications the maximum length of staples. Some staplers are able to score only 8 mm bracket, and some 14 mm and more.
For more complex work, use an electric stapler. It is convenient in work. Well suited for street furniture in the home. There are models with which you can perform work at the professional level. Among the shortcomings should be noted a low rate of fire. Per minute there are about 20 shots. On the market a lot of Chinese fakes. Their price does not exceed 800 rubles.
A good electric stapler is about two times more. If you want to win one sofa, get an on the market the simplest elektrostapler. If you are planning to do upholstery professionally, it will not be enough. When purchasing, check the force of impact. Also pay attention to the type of staples used in the stapler. There are models that have a convenient spout that allows you to reach hard to reach places and precise positioning of the driving fasteners.
Pneumatic staplers are the best. They are fast, strong and reliable. Speed of driving of the staple has no limitations. Such tools are used in the furniture shops. Pneumatic stapler will only work in the presence of the compressor. That is why it is considered to be stationary.