Advice 1: How to take vitamins "Undevit"

"Undevit a time — tested, inexpensive multivitamin complex. It is designed specifically for the elderly and contains in its composition of organic substances needed for improving metabolism.
How to take vitamins "Undevit"
"Undevit" is assigned to improve metabolism and overall well-being mainly elderly people. Thanks to the balanced composition, it helps to cope with the manifestations of hypovitaminosis, to recover from antibiotic treatment and to facilitate the course of chronic diseases. In addition, the "Undevit" allows you to shorten the recovery period after injuries and operations.
Twice a year, in fall and spring, pass preventive treatment. Take daily one pills "Undevit". Drink a drug in the same pattern in the presence of chronic diseases in remission before surgery, subject to medical diet, which made it impossible to provide the adequate amount of vitamins in the body.
At exacerbation of chronic diseases, the emergence of obvious signs of deficiency, deterioration of health, for unknown reasons, increase the dosage "Undevitand" up to two-three pills a day. The use of the drug in divided doses more effective than one-time admission daily dose.
Take "Undevit" after a meal. In order for treatment to be effective, not chew and do not take pills. Dissolve it in 3-5 minutes.
A prophylactic course lasts 3-4 weeks. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the condition, the severity of hypovitaminosis, prescription.
"Undevit" approved for use in adolescence. In this case, the drug is used according to the above table at the same dosage. During pregnancy, the drug is undesirable because of the presence in the composition of a large dose of vitamin A.
Take this medicine with caution in the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. In case of Allergy, immediately stop therapy.

Advice 2: Can I drink vitamin without prescription

Disputes about how and when to take vitamins, carried out by experts more than one year. To drink such drugs need only with regard to the dosage and courses, so as not to harm the body. It would seem that all vitamins are harmless, however, even these systems ways to lead to poisoning. Can I take vitamins without a doctor's prescription?
Can I drink vitamin without prescription
Following Intrusive advertising, many buyers seek to maintain their health way taking vitamins. Pharmacy vitamins require special attention in the selection of the drug and compliance of the user when receiving. Therapists are advised not to choose your own vitamins of a certain group, focusing on their health and ailments. Relatively safe only generic multivitamin complexes.

Vitamins and prescription

Uncontrolled intake of vitamins can lead to negative effect. It can be expressed in individual intolerance of certain components leading to allergic reactions. It could be hives, anafilaktichesky shock, angioedema and other misfortunes. Moreover, such a reaction can occur not only when choosing vitamins without consulting a doctor, but in overdose.
Vitamin deficiency is not affected by seasonality, as many believe. The myth that summer and autumn our body consumes more vitamin C and other components, doctors confirmed.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of water-soluble vitamins include A, E, K and D. an Overdose of vitamin A can lead to damage of the liver up to cirrhosis. During pregnancy, this surplus will affect the status of the fetus. Symptoms of excess vitamin A is brittle nails, dry skin, weight loss, etc.

An overdose of vitamin B6 can lead to malfunction of the nervous system, and if you were to take vitamin C may cause kidney stones.

Doctor's advice when choosing vitamins

Even with a balanced diet a person can not guaranteed to protect yourself from lack of vitamins. This is due to the overall reduction of vitamin content in natural fruits and vegetables. Therefore, taking vitamins is essential in practically each inhabitant of the planet. And, of course, to abandon the reception of medicines you can't have people falling into a risk group. It includes those who are dieting, vegetarian diet, lactovegetarians or refuse certain foods.

Detailed expert advice on the selection of the vitamins you will need and if the person is to drink alcohol, smoke, work in hazardous environments, taking antibiotics, hormonal, psychotropic drugs. Vitamins you need and with limited diet – lack of fruit, berries, vegetables.
Take a multivitamin complexes can be year-round, taking breaks between courses.

To drink vitamins is only necessary after reading the annotation. But not only this rule you need to follow to attack a proper result. When taking vitamins it is important to eat regularly, to drink the drug should be course.

Advice 3: What vitamins to drink before pregnancy

A pregnant woman should get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for proper pregnancy and child development. It is not always possible to follow a balanced nutrition, so it is advisable before conception to drink a complex of vitamins, which prepare the body for this important cause. Very important for women planning the birth of a child, folic acid, vitamins b and C as well as iodine, zinc, magnesium.
What vitamins to drink before pregnancy
On the question of whether to drink vitamins before pregnancy, there is no definite answer. Some doctors against additional drugs and insist on proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, encourage other to use vitamin complexes as an additional safety net. Sure you can say one thing: it is better to revise your diet, get rid of bad habits, change the way of life and not to drink vitamins than Vice versa. Drugs with vitamins will be almost useless if the mother smokes, eats fast food and doesn't eat fruits and vegetables.
To prepare for pregnancy and to start to drink vitamins, you need at least 3 months before planned conception. This is the minimum time during which the body will have time to amass all the necessary substances. Women with chronic diseases, high mental and physical loads, weak body, problems with previous pregnancies it is better to start a course of vitamins before. To drink vitamins, it is desirable both women and men: in the male body through vitamin complex will improve the quality of reproductive cells.
Female body right for pregnancy and carrying a healthy baby need folic acid or vitamin B9 which has an impact on the formation of the nervous system of the fetus. Need other b vitamins as well as vitamin E (the lack of it is one of the causes of miscarriages). On the basis of surveys and analyses to make more accurate conclusions about what substances are needed for a woman in individual cases. For example, when lack of iodine in the body additionally the doctor appoints or selects iodine vitamin complex for pregnant women with iodine in the composition. Also most women need before pregnancy to stock up on magnesium, calcium and zinc.
Doctor consultation for selection of vitamin complex optional. There are specially designed vitamins for planning pregnancy, they contain all the necessary substances in the right proportion. One of the most popular complex "Elevit Prenatal" also demand "Alphabet mother's health", "Prenatal vitamins", "Obscene" and others. Still, it is advisable to consult the gynecologist, he will help to make the right choice, because all these drugs have slightly different composition: in some there is no iodine and trace elements, in others too high a dose of vitamin A, which can be dangerous in large amounts for pregnant women in third not enough folic acid.

Advice 4: Is it harmful to take vitamins

There is a perception that without the ingestion of synthetic pills with vitamins and minerals could do if enough variety to your diet. Is it possible to take vitamins and not constantly think about complicated diet?
Is it harmful to take vitamins

Vitamins on our table

Initially, these substances people received from food. However, today's world and living conditions of most urban and even rural residents simply do not allow diverse and fully fed. There are kilos of carrots, apples and strawberries in order to obtain the desired daily dose of vitamins and minerals, too, will not everyone, but there is no need. That people take vitamins.

Standard vitamin-mineral complex contains a dose of all necessary vitamins and minerals in amounts slightly lower daily requirement. This is done with the expectation that the person receives some part of vitamins from your daily diet. The question arises: is it possible to take these magic pills all the time? Because proper diet not organize a course of two to three weeks.

A lot or a little

The body's need for vitamins may be different. That is why they are recommended to take during periods of stress or illness, and severe physical or emotional stress – at this time, our body just need additional nourishment vital elements. But can I drink vitamin complexes all the time? This question nutritionists can not yet give a clear answer. Eats man, most often wrong and not very balanced. Consequently, constantly experiencing a shortage of a vitamin. From this point of view, constant reinforcement of the body will only benefit.

If you are afraid of allergic reaction or overdose, read the instructions carefully and do not take vitamins at the same time with intramuscular or intravenous injections of vitamin preparations. The fact that during the passage through the digestive tract of the vitamins are simply not absorbed by the body, so to overdose in this way is extremely unlikely. But if you are using medication, injection, caution should be exercised.

Consult your doctor

Though vitamins are sold in pharmacies without a prescription if you plan to take them for a long time and constantly, best to consult a nutritionist or your doctor. General guidelines pharmacists – 3-4 courses of vitamins a year. However, depending on your condition and wishes, the attending physician may adjust the rules of admission and assign an individual course may very long.

Advice 5: Jet beaver: how to take and what helps

Beaver spring, also known as castoreum and musk - a substance of animal origin, possessing amazing properties. Knew about it in ancient times, was forgotten. Today, however, jet Bora got a new life.

How useful beaver spring

The rumor about the healing properties of jet beaver was in the days of Catherine II. Then this very valuable product delivered to France. In principle, the healing properties of jet beaver is easy to explain.

The beaver is an animal of medium size. However, some specimens can weigh up to 30 kg. They live in the forest and eat a wide variety of herbs. In this regard, the biological fluid is saturated with nutrients. Moreover, the beavers – sexually active animal, because we can gather a large amount of of their seminal fluid.

We can say that the jet beaver is used to treat a variety of diseases. In ancient times it was epilepsy, Bobrovaya jet was healed wounds, helped reduce tumors. Also men noticed that the use of this tool of their power sexually increased. Even Alexander Pushkin includes "Ode to a beaver stream". As you know, the poet was a lover of women.

Effective but expensive tool

Currently, traditional medicine is actively promoting the acceptance of the jet inside the beaver gynecological diseases in women and urology in men. Regular use of this biological fluid of the beaver helps without medication to normalize blood pressure, prevention of cardiovascular disease, gallstones. We can say that the jet beaver helps with many diseases of the internal organs. And even such a serious disease as tuberculosis, under the force of it.

Beaver spring and got the unofficial name "natural viagra" is due to the fact that improves male potency. In addition, beaver spring helps and people with weakened immune systems in strengthening the immune system. However, this means there are contraindications, e.g., pregnancy, lactation, etc.

Jet beaver is suitable for ingestion, and for the manufacture of tampons. Latest suitable for women using this treatment for gynecological ailments. Those who are planning to use jet beaver inside, you should know that this is a rather bitter, unpleasant to the taste substance. Beaver spring typically sold in pharmacies as a tincture on alcohol, or you can make yourself. You need to take the beaver stream and the alcohol in proportions 1:10. In tincture form it is sufficient to take this medicine one teaspoon twice a day after meals. It is worth saying that jet beaver to get not so simple, and its price is quite high.
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