If you wish to get not only a rich harvest of cucumbers, but also to add flavor to your plot, growing cucumbers in barrels is exactly what you need. Many gardeners who have already managed to try out this method in practice, don't want to grow cucumbers in the beds. Dare you to like this country the experiment, the more advantages he had enough.

First, the cucumbers in barrels is impressive and original. Just imagine how eventually drooping to the ground whip cucumber will mask the barrel. Such improvised beds on the plot will look very unusual and beautiful. But most importantly - like cucumber bed takes up significantly less space on the site and requires less fertile soil than traditional beds. So, only one barrel you can grow exactly the same vegetables as on a two-meter bed. And this trouble will require a lot less!

To place a barrel of pickles anywhere. Even where a traditional garden equip would be unreal. Thus, growing cucumbers in barrels will allow you to more rational use of suburban space.

Cucumbers are heat-loving culture. In a barrel planting will be much warmer than a regular bed. The bottom plants will get heat from the process of waste rotting, and the sides and top from the sun.

In addition, the process of loosening and weeding of cucumbers in barrels absolutely will not cause any discomfort. You will be comfortable not only to care for the plantings, but also to harvest. Agree that remove the cucumbers standing much easier and more enjoyable than sitting crouching or even crawling on the ground on his knees. Your cucumbers will fail to grow because the benefits you have on your mind.

Two hundred liter drums are available, not every gardener is, perhaps, the only disadvantage of growing cucumbers this way. If to speak about the significant drawbacks, they simply do not.