You will need
  • - beets;
  • knife;
  • peeler;
  • - skewers or toothpicks.
Cut a rose from beets – this vegetable has rich color and easy to create. To start boil the beets in salted water at least an hour. Check the readiness of vegetables with a sharp knife.
Clean the beets, trim the root and foliage residues. Take a vegetable peeler, preferably with small teeth, and begin to spiral cut the strip. Keep the peeler so that by the end of the strip was wider than it was in the beginning. Strip length depends on your desire to cut a rose from beet or lush to make it in the Bud than the strip of longer, the richer the finished flower.
Salt strip and wipe off excess salt and moisture with a napkin. The narrow end of the strip tightly twist. Wrap the center of the flower beet strip as long as the workpiece will not end.
Gently prick the base of the roses from beets thin sharp skewer or immediately insert the flower into the finished salad on a certain depth, so the "petals" don't fall apart. Decorate the rose of beet leaves cut from cucumber peel.
Cut a rose from beets any other way. To do this with a sharp knife slice the vegetables into thin circles. If you doubt that you can gently slice the beetroots, use the grater for potato chips.
Arrange sliced beets on a plate, sprinkle with salt. When the beets let the juice, Pat the vegetables with paper towel.
Take one beet circle and roll it into a tube. Wrap the second billet and the bottom hook with a sharp skewer. Overlap the next petal slightly higher than the previous one so that its center closed edge of the second mug. Wrap one workpiece and fasten with skewer.
Continue to wrap vegetable flower until, until it rose from beet the desired quantity. Every second a circle bundle with a skewer, the ends of the sticks after work cut kitchen scissors. Carefully bend outward the edges of the petals.
Peel the cucumber from the skin. One green stripe wrap the base of the roses, lock "receptacle". The rest of the cucumber peel, cut the leaves almond-shaped. When decorating a dish of beet beside the flower lay a few leaves, if desired, make the stems of the green onions.