Analyze the industry to which your company and identifying the terms of long-term actions to achieve specific goals, depending on:
- the competitiveness of the enterprise;

- the amount of resources required to achieve goals;

- time frame for resolution of certain issues related to the organization of the enterprise.
In General, the strategic plan should have the following items:
- trends in your industry;

- position your company in the industry;

- the main objectives of your enterprise;

- financial tasks that need to be addressed to achieve the goals;

- the steps for creating competitive advantages;

- restructuring of enterprises necessary to achieve the objectives.
There are three main types develop a strategy for the enterprise market, taking into account all points of the General plan. If you decide during the reorganization of the enterprise to achieve maximum cost reduction and selling goods, you will need to strengthen logistics and engineering base, and provide the system of supply and distribution of products.
Enterprises of the second type put emphasis on the specialization in the production of goods in order to create a clear competitive advantage in the shortest possible time. However, to do this you have to employ a large number of highly qualified specialists in marketing, design, and conduct research and development. It will also require considerable expenses on the maintenance of your high-tech manufacturing ordinary staff and purchase necessary equipment.
The third type of strategy involves the fixation on any one segment of the market and concentration of production capacity in this segment. For this you will need to conduct a serious analysis of not only your industry but also other industries in products which interest your target audience. Selecting the third type, you'll be able to achieve maximum reduction in the production costs of goods in your company, or declare ourselves as a firm specialized on certain types of products manufactured by your industry.