You will need
  • - analysis of the external environment;
  • - SWOT-analysis.
Analyze the external environment of the enterprise. Rate the political situation in the country, investment forecasts, the development of stock markets. These factors are extremely important when building long-term plans. In addition, as detailed as possible study the actions of competitors. Analyze them the basic steps, market position, innovation, successes, achievements and failures. Find your place among the competitors.
Consider the commercial activities of a private company for a specific reporting period. For this purpose the best would be the SWOT analysis, which will assess strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Correlate the performance with previously set goals. Try to understand what prevented you to achieve the desired performance or, on the contrary, helped to hold the leading position in the market.
List the optimal values, to which you would like to get closer to the end of the next reporting period. Thus set appropriate goals for implementation of which you have certain material and intellectual resources. Include in this plan the desired volume of sales or services, market position, expansion of the coverage of new territories, bringing to market innovative products and offers.
Consider the resources necessary for the realization of this concept in life. You may need personnel changes, outsourcing specialists, loans. If the realization of the goals too difficult, reduce the desired performance.
Consider ways in which you will implement the concept of development. Consider engaging experts to conduct additional training. Develop an effective advertising campaign. Write a program of seminars and workshops, to be attended by your employees.
Divide the resulting strategy development into smaller steps. Assign responsibilities for their implementation among departments. Identify benchmarks for assessing both the interim and final results.