In that case, if chocolate candy was not eaten immediately, it is important to preserve their taste proper storage. The main factor in this case is the external environment. The ideal temperature for chocolate is 18 degrees. When you increase these values to thirty degrees or more the icing on the candy will start to melt, change their shape, and the candy can stick to carton or wrapper.
Do not put chocolate in the fridge. Low temperature itself is not terrible candy. It can have a negative effect in the case when it is combined with humidity. When you place the candy in chocolate in the refrigerator or into the cellar after some time they begin to be covered by a whitish bloom. It not only affects the appearance of the dessert, but also on taste, although the chocolate is quite edible. So be careful when shopping in the store. Chocolate and candy with him in the composition should not be stored in refrigerated display cases of the store.
It is also desirable that the candy is not stored in the kitchen. There they can soak up extraneous smells spreading during cooking. And the chocolate flavor is one of the most important components.
Do not leave candy for a long time in open vases or boxes if on the culinary products no wrappers. This may particularly harm the chocolates with soft fillings - they can dry out long before the end of the period of use.
Based on the above criteria, the ideal place to store chocolates can be considered a wardrobe, far away from heating devices. Candies without wrappers must be Packed in closed bags or boxes.
However, remember that even with the most careful storage, the chocolate retains its flavor forever. Depending on the composition, the shelf life of chocolates varies from one month to four. Until that time, the dessert should be eaten.