Always buy candy, which is in a transparent package. This way you will be able to see its contents. Quality sweets are good at keeping their form, characterized by clear margins. Try to put pressure on the product. It must quickly return to its original shape. Size is also important. It needs to be the same for all gummy slices.

If you see that the packaging with marmalade sweating, better such products not to buy. Droplets of moisture are evidence of the violation of technological processes, and also rules of storage of goods. No more favourable environment for the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria than the water. If you notice that the sugar on the surface of products has melted, it indicates that moisture was previously inside the package, but over time absorbed.

You should ignore such marmalade, which has a very rich color. It says there are artificial dyes used during production.

There is an alternative in the form of natural pigments. However, they do not attach too intense coloring candy. If you see a dim marmalade, there used lutein. This colorant is of natural origin. For this reason, it is absolutely safe for health. We must not forget that artificial dyes can cause severe allergies. When in doubt, simply read the information specified on the package.

Marmalade is characterized by high quality vitreous structure. It is transparent. It is possible to distinguish several layers. One of them is on the surface, while the other is in the middle. Even the crust should not be made of artificial components. Of course, these sweets have a greater degree of elasticity. They can be a long chew, but useful enough in them.

Most can tell marmalade, which is sold narazves. Try to pick up a single piece. Feel on their fingers sugar? So, before you fresh marmalade. If he sticks, it's better such product to buy. If the seller claims that the marmalade is fresh, but you notice that it crumbles or is too dense structure, this may indicate a breach of the storage conditions of the product.