You will need
  • - built in the model of the refrigerator;
  • the wardrobe, or Cabinet size.
Models built-refrigerators different system of hanging doors. Method "pantograph" refrigerator mounted in the Cabinet, whose doors no hinges. Cabinet doors and the refrigerator are fixed to each other, but they both open on the hinges of the appliance and do not move relative to each other.
There is another way of embedding – hanging on the skids. In this case, the Cabinet door, which will be mounted in a refrigerator, have their own hinges. The door of the household appliance and Cabinet are attached to each other, not too tightly, they slide relative to each other. Plus such a system is that the weight of the door is distributed not only to the hinges of the refrigerator, but on a locker.
It is possible to build a refrigerator of any size, just under each model needs a wardrobe or Cabinet size. Functions freezer not depend on its size. Door built-in refrigerators can be opened in any direction, as convenient.
Decorative aluminum panels are great to decorate the kitchen and will fit into any interior. They are present in partially embedded appliances. You can pick up a set consisting of plate, fridge, oven and microwave.
Built-in freezer can provide not only wardrobe, but also the box. The foods in this refrigerator are on the mind. There's a large interior space and two offices. Are in the top two baskets and an area for storing fragile products (eggs, for example). Lower compartment designed for meat and fish, there is also a bottle holder, made of stainless steel. You can choose your desired temperature. The drawer fridge is easy to mount.
Note the model of the freezer. Fully integrated built-in refrigerator comes with the module for installation. The height of this refrigerator does not exceed 180 cm. If the headset has a tall Cabinet above the freezer will appear a niche for storage of various items. There are separately mounted freezer and a fridge, in this case, they can be installed separately from each other.