Gather the documents which confirm the right to compensation of social security payments. It is necessary to write the corresponding application and copy of payment orders on the payment of UST. In some cases the FSS may demand to justify the costs of compulsory social insurance. After that, proceed to fill the interim statement 4-FSS for the respective month.
Complete the cover sheet sheet. In the first line, specify the period for which a report is drawn up, i.e. the name of the reporting month. Next fill in information about the company: full name, water activities, form of ownership, organizational-legal form, legal and actual address. Then make the digital codes of the policyholder: OKPO, INN, KPP, OGRN, NACE, JECFA and ocopf. All data must comply with the registration and incorporation documents of the enterprise.
Continue completing section 1. It consists of several tables reflecting the calculation of the single social tax, which was accrued and paid in the FSS during the reporting period. In the case of interim statements for the particular month. It is necessary to specify the expenses.
Enter your information average number of employees during the reporting period, the tax base, and tax benefits in the table 1. A separate line is necessary to allocate the number of women working in the enterprise.
Reflect table 2 data on charges for the unified social tax and the costs of compulsory social insurance. When completing the interim statement 4-FSS it is necessary to pay special attention to lines 12-14, where it is necessary to specify the amount of debt that was accumulated in the FSS before the policyholder for overpayment of ESN. If in the current month, tax authorities have paid compensation, then it is indicated in line 6.