Remove the stump manually. To do this, it should be apkopoti from all sides, chopping off the roots with an axe. Such work is difficult and likely unsustainable for the elderly.
Make in the stump hole with a diameter of 5-8 cm and a depth of from 10 to 30 cm, Pour into it the potassium nitrate, tamp, fill with water and close tightly. Surgery should fall. After the spring will open the hole, pour diesel or kerosene and burn. Stump and roots will burn to ashes. The place where he was digging. This method is not suitable strictly for peat soils. This is due to the fact that could begin an underground combustion of the soil, which is almost impossible to extinguish.
Purchase in trading network of the herbicide "roundup", 3 vials. Without diluting liquid, pour it to the stump, cover or wrap it tightly. In a year it will rot, and it can easily be removed from the site.
Use of biological method: spread on the stump mushrooms. The stump should be planted with mycelium, for example, the oyster mushroom, or Armillaria. In the first case, it can be purchased in the mushroom farms. The second summer in the woods on stumps. To do this in a place where a lot of mushrooms, cut pieces of wood. Drill to remove the stump holes and lay in them the mycelium. To prevent drying, sprinkle the holes with moss and close branches. Sowing hemp mushrooms need to carry out during the vegetation period, except for hot and dry days. Fungi feeding on organic substances, will destroy in a few years the structure of the wood.
Take coarse salt and liberally sprinkle it stump. Gradually soaking, the wood will begin to break down. In a year the stump will be completely rotten. In this case, the neighborhood will suffer, and soil. In this regard, such a method of use where the land will not be used for planting.