A preparatory stage. Preparations for the project development is carried out in class with the whole class. The teacher selects the possible topics and invites students to choose any project theme. At the same time, on one project can work from a few students. Topics can be suggested and students. At this stage there is an establishment of cooperation of teacher and students, ideas and hypotheses on methods of solving problems in the project. Students are as interested in the task, ask questions. The teacher actualizes the problem and displays the thinking of pupils to the search level.
The planning phase. In the next lesson, there is a distribution of roles between the students. So additionally stand out subtopics, and each student chooses one of them for yourself, for independent work. Children join together in small teams to perform work. The teacher listens to the children's ideas, suggests how to find the sources of collection of material and methods of its processing. Additionally pronounces requirements for the results. If the project volume, the teacher prepares in advance the literature available to children, defines the field of search activities.
Phase of the study. Children together with adults (teachers, parents) are collecting and updating information. Children share the results of the collected materials. Is the development of cognitive activity and independence. Students work in groups and then in class together specify how the project: exhibition, presentation, report, album, video, event etc.
The stage of registration materials. Students under the teacher's guidance, make the results in accordance with the regulations. Thus there is additional discussion of the results analyzes all the information obtained previously. The results of the activities described and presented in the form of a report.
The stage of reflection. The analysis of the implementation of the project, the team of students: successes and failures, their causes. The analysis of the achievement of a goal. The teacher makes emphasis on the progress of students, establishes the result.
The stage of presentation. This kind of protection of the project. There is a demonstration of the product work, the collective performance of children. It is possible to tour the newly emerging Museum or exhibition, where children act as guides, tour guides and even translators. Each child fulfills its role in the protection of the project gets an evaluation of their work. Only after passing all phases of the project can be achieved positive results.