Advice 1: How to write a draft of initial classes

With the development of projects for pupils in primary classes develop their cognitive interest, find their own way to solve the problem. As teachers and parents, helping the student, to stimulate his creative activity. The technology works on a project has a sequence of interrelated stages.
How to write a draft of initial classes
A preparatory stage. Preparations for the project development is carried out in class with the whole class. The teacher selects the possible topics and invites students to choose any project theme. At the same time, on one project can work from a few students. Topics can be suggested and students. At this stage there is an establishment of cooperation of teacher and students, ideas and hypotheses on methods of solving problems in the project. Students are as interested in the task, ask questions. The teacher actualizes the problem and displays the thinking of pupils to the search level.
The planning phase. In the next lesson, there is a distribution of roles between the students. So additionally stand out subtopics, and each student chooses one of them for yourself, for independent work. Children join together in small teams to perform work. The teacher listens to the children's ideas, suggests how to find the sources of collection of material and methods of its processing. Additionally pronounces requirements for the results. If the project volume, the teacher prepares in advance the literature available to children, defines the field of search activities.
Phase of the study. Children together with adults (teachers, parents) are collecting and updating information. Children share the results of the collected materials. Is the development of cognitive activity and independence. Students work in groups and then in class together specify how the project: exhibition, presentation, report, album, video, event etc.
The stage of registration materials. Students under the teacher's guidance, make the results in accordance with the regulations. Thus there is additional discussion of the results analyzes all the information obtained previously. The results of the activities described and presented in the form of a report.
The stage of reflection. The analysis of the implementation of the project, the team of students: successes and failures, their causes. The analysis of the achievement of a goal. The teacher makes emphasis on the progress of students, establishes the result.
The stage of presentation. This kind of protection of the project. There is a demonstration of the product work, the collective performance of children. It is possible to tour the newly emerging Museum or exhibition, where children act as guides, tour guides and even translators. Each child fulfills its role in the protection of the project gets an evaluation of their work. Only after passing all phases of the project can be achieved positive results.
Projects develop creativity and activity of children, but the teacher is required to perform additional actions: contacts in groups and sub groups, selection of literature sources.
Useful advice
Before beginning work on the project, the teacher should ensure that each student clearly represents the scope and volume of their work on the project.
You should constantly talk to the children on the project, know what the students are trying to Express their ideas outside of school.
Can offer children and individual projects, but working in a group helps younger students better to solve the problem, to show their talent in the area that is available to him.

Advice 2: How to work as a elementary school teacher

To work as a elementary school teacher need to have special pedagogical education: secondary or higher. Additionally, the teacher must love children and possess excellent organizational skills.
Primary school teacher
Primary school teacher is both a teacher, a psychologist and educator. It is from the teacher of initial classes depends largely on the formation of student's personality, his attitude to school and attainment.
Primary school teacher should possess such qualities as love of children, excellent communication skills, erudition, ability to interest students in his subject.

Education, which entitles to work as a elementary school teacher

To secondary teacher education in the specialty "primary school Teacher" is possible after the course in a College or technical school. On the basis of 11 classes, the training period is 3 years on the basis of 9 classes – 4 years. However, practice shows that secondary education does not guarantee employment, so graduates of technical schools and colleges usually enroll in Universities. The first level of higher pedagogical education called the bachelor, where training lasts 4 years. Training at the second level – the master degree lasts for two years.
The third level of training – graduate school, where the training of the teaching staff for teaching in higher education.
Higher education gives graduates the opportunity not only to become a primary school teacher, but also to do a good administrative career. The teacher can "grow" to the head teacher or school Director, to move to a senior position in the city or district Department of public education.

How does a primary school teacher

The teacher carries out the upbringing and education of their students in the educational program, organizing children's rest and leisure, together with the children involved in the preparation of school entertainment events. In addition, the teacher conducts lessons in the place of absent colleagues, engaged students, involved in social work, conducts the necessary documentation.

Future teachers are not in the least interested in the question, how much does a primary school teacher. As in any other profession, the salary of a teacher depends on a number of factors: experience, category, load. In different regions there are additional payments to teachers from the local budget. Therefore, the teacher of initial classes can get 8-10 thousand rubles, and 20 to 25, and even more. Traditionally, the higher the salaries of teachers in Metropolitan areas.

In addition to the school teachers of primary classes will always take a job in a different preschool.

Advice 3: How to attestate primary school teacher

Certification of teachers of primary classes can be conducted to confirm the occupied position or qualification in the first or highest category. Certification is carried out in order to be able to educational institutions and teachers to raise the level and quality of education.
How to attestate primary school teacher
To confirm his post read and sign the submission, which should write the head on you five years after the last attestation. This document should include an assessment of your qualities as a pedagogical worker, the results of your professional activities, information about the results of the previous appraisals. With submission you must be aware two months before the certification.
Submit to the attestation Commission your information on your teaching activities, past appraisals.
For the month prior to the certification, the employer must notify you of the date, place and time of the test.
Certification tests are in written form on issues related to their implementation of pedagogical activities for the position.
For attestation in the first category gather General information about yourself: questionnaires, education documents, information about training, awards, letters, etc.
To certification documents please attach the results of your teaching work: models lessons, lesson plans, teaching materials, lessons, publications.
Attach documents description of creative works of students, scientific-research work of students, the results of competitions, contests, scripts of extracurricular activities.
Invest in the portfolio the results of your creative activity for self-education, results of participation in seminars, competitions, methodological associations, in experimental work, the results of the work on extra-curricular activities.
Gather feedback on the work of the creative team and letters of recommendation, opinions, reviews, summary.
Write a statement in the certification, which specify the form of its passage (full-time, part-time, personal), model qualification tests, select the open event in accordance with the selected model qualification tests (analytical report, OED report, creative report, master-class, research project, self-awareness, an open lesson teaching event). In a statement, also specify teaching experience, awards, titles, academic degree, if any, academic rank. When he received the qualification category, is training, what modern educational technologies and methods have.
Bring the application for consideration by attestation Commission, which must make a decision about passing your certification within one month. The Commission shall establish the time of attestation. But its duration should not exceed more than two months.
If you attentuates on the first qualifying category, you need to own a modern educational technologies and techniques and effectively apply them in their practical professional activities.
To attestate for the highest category, you need to have passed at least two years after the establishment of the first qualifying category.
If by results of certification to confirm compliance of a post examination Board will make a decision about your compliance position, then, by part 3 of article 81 of the LC RF, you are eligible for the vacant post in this school given your qualifications and state of health.
Useful advice
If you do not agree with the submission of the head, write the application with evidence that it has the wrong characteristics or other things that is untrue.
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