At the initial stage, analyze his personality, paying special attention to its drawbacks. Because people, humiliating you, based on your mistakes and use your weaknesses. Take a sheet of paper and write all the character qualities that, in your opinion, hinder you in your life.
Ask someone close to you is to sit down and write your negative traits. Small discrepancies with what you have written and that will show your own people are permitted. But if the second list will be 90% different from yours, so either you look at yourself "through rose-colored glasses", or Vice versa engaged samoedstvom. In this case, you should consult a specialist. The psychologist using scientific methods, impartially point out to you the traits that require correction.
Knowing the "enemy" in the face, it will be easier to defeat him. If the cause of your humiliation is a weak character and inability to stand up for yourself, fear of people, do not despair, there are many methods of solving such problems.
You can enroll in specialized training, which will gather your companions in misfortune. And you are under the guidance of an experienced specialist will be the day to learn to fight back their oppressors. The advantage of this type of lessons that you will share with each other their achievements, the success of others will inspire you. You will feel much more confident.
If you shy of open meetings, organize a similar community in the Internet. The beauty of this type of associations – complete anonymity. In addition, you will be able to communicate and learn from the experience not only for those who have similar problems, but with those who have already overcome. You will be surprised that among the successful and self-confident people, many were subjected to humiliation.
When you feel better, do not rush to relax. At this stage, the probability of recurrence. Keep up the pace of work. Temper their willpower and vitality by all available means. Enroll in a section of martial arts or the gym. After the first workout you will feel ready to meet anyone who wants to hurt you.
Excellence not only internally, but also externally. Review your closet, and you will find that many old things don't fit your new image. Gradually get rid of all the things that remind you of past failures.
And finally, to consolidate the positive result of start to help the people that humiliated colleagues, relatives, friends. You can use any convenient for you (personal communication, correspondence, etc.). Show them by example that the fight against arrogance, rudeness and aggression can and should be. This communication will benefit not only them but for you.