Talk with your child. If circumstances are such that there is no one to accompany to train, explain to him how to behave in the train. Pay special attention to the topic of security. The train can be dangerous when driving, especially when making sharp turns or braking. Be sure to tell them to get off. Warn him that it is not necessary to walk around the train, otherwise you can get lost. Recall that you can't talk to unfamiliar adults.
Buy the ticket in the middle of the train. This is the best place from the point of view of security. Select child a place on the bottom shelf, as if a strong rocking of the train it can fall from the top shelf. Collect the child in the road. Prepare personal hygiene items, which he may need, food and drink.
Put the child to train themselves. Be sure to explain to the conductor that he was alone, and ask him from time to time to check if everything is okay. Conductors are very busy during the trip, and all the passengers she simply will not follow. Find another adult you can trust baby on the way and who agreed to look after him.
Conduct of the child in the compartment and select the most reliable of neighbours. Best of all, if it's a middle-aged woman. Ask her to watch the baby from time to time to keep it in sight, pour him hot water that the child is not burned if he asks for tea. Tell the child that he listened to an adult. Let has in mind, what if he's confused or he's going to need help, you need to inform the neighbor. Ask your future companion of the child to give your phone number just in case and give your. Prepare a small treat or a small present as a token of appreciation for your concern.
Will arrange to meet the child at the arrival point. Dictate the number of a train, its arrival time, car number and where the child goes.