Pour into the drain a little hydrochloric acid, alkali type "Tired" or "Mole". They eat away organic waste, clogging of the pipewithout damaging the plastic. But, just in case, before use read the manual. Not getting the desired effect from the one that you normally use in this situation, use more. Maybe it'll do better with that than the currently clogged pipe.
Pour in the plums 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda or washing powder and pour ½ Cup of vinegar. Close the hole. Remove the shower sprayer and insert the hose into the hole. Plug the open areas with a cloth and turned on the hot water in the whole head, rinse the sink.
Try to pump drain plunger. Closing the hole stopper, type in a tub or sink of water, so she hid the rubber element of the plunger. Tightly pinch cloth the overflow, remove the tube and cover the hole with a plunger. Press it on and pull up sharply. Lift the plunger to skip to pipe water, and make a few more bleeds.
Unscrew the plastic drain, clean the u-trap and the bends of debris. Insert into the pipe the cable for cleaning and rotary motion push it into the depths. Move it back and forth for several minutes. Dirt wound up on the rope, and plastic trash wash off with water.