You will need
  • - spray for stretching shoes.
Buy sneakers in the evening. At this time the foot is a little swollen and become bigger than in the morning. If you consider this point when buying shoes, you will need to break in running shoes less or not required at all. Try on with socks of this type in which you plan to exercise. If you missed a little bit with the size and sneakers you shake them you can post. But remember to stretch only in width. If you are small in length, to wear them you can't.
Walking for a short time in the apartment in new sneakers, for example, thirty minutes. After this procedure, you do not have corn in those places where running shoes you too small, you can just glue the plasters on them. Do these walks for a few days. If after about a week new shoes are not stretched to the desired size, go to another method.
Use a special spray for stretching shoes. When buying, choose a spray for shoes made of the same material from which made your sneakers. After reading the instructions, shake the spray can and apply a tensile structure on the inner side of the Shoe in the places that need stretching. Then put on your running shoes and walk in them. Be careful with the stretching. If you overdo it, make the size smaller sneakers will be much more difficult than to increase.
Rely on the proven recipes of our grandmothers, if you have no opportunity to use spray. Stuff wet sneakers with Newspapers and leave it for the night. Then dry the shoes. Or wet with alcohol, put on thick socks and then sneakers. Like so, while the shoes are not posted.
If the shoes are very expensive, and you're afraid to ruin them, making the shoes of the above manipulation, bring them to the Shoe repair shop. A cobbler can stretch shoes using special devices.