You will need
  • - screws 6-8 pieces on a loop of length less than 3 cm, if the door is heavy, at least 5 cm;
  • - drill with a thin drill bit (diameter 1-2 mm);
  • - screwdriver under the cross;
  • - a hammer and chisel.
Remember that the door hinges are right and left. Select those that will allow a door to open in the desired direction. Be careful when choosing so as to make a mistake is quite simple. To eliminate the errors take the loop in your hands, unfold it and imagine how it will be used – which part will stand on the door frame, which door and how to open the door.
Put a door on the side, up the side that will fasten the hinges. Take that part of the loop that mounts on a door, attach her to her right place – about 40 cm from top/bottom edge and draw a pencil. Now your task is to carefully choose a chisel-defined region on the thickness of the loop. Take this work very seriously and don't make a groove deeper than necessary. Instead of a chisel you can use a cloth from plane, its width allows you to quickly and neatly do the job.
Now necessary to fasten the hinges to the door. To make things easier, attach them to the door, mark with a pencil or nail places where they will be screwed in the screws. Then drill, drill bit thinner than the diameter of the screws, drill in the hole. For 3-inch wood screws hole depth should be about 2 cm to 5 cm, about 4 cm
Screw the screws, pre-greased every soap – just slide the screw on the soap 2-3 times, this will greatly facilitate their screwing. Then insert a door in a doorway, put under her two pencils, chips, etc. – so that the door is lifted to a height of about 5 mm. Mark on the door jamb the position of the second parts of the hinge.
Set aside the door, attach the hinge to the jamb, focusing on the left marks and draw a pencil. Do the same with the second loop, then you are already familiar method, select the grooves for the hinges on their thickness. Again, carefully follow the depth of the groove – if it is greater, the door will not close and you will have to reinstall all the loops to other locations.
Selecting a chisel the grooves, fasten the hinges with screws. Then try to hang a door, it is in its open position. Easier to hang a door together, as simultaneously it is necessary to combine both loop – top and bottom. If done correctly, the door will be normal open and close. But sometimes a situation arises when a door closes fully only with some effort, with the loops slightly "turns out". The reason can be in contact when the door is closed the screw heads, slightly raised above the plane of the loop. In this case, open the door and slightly undercut head wood screws, it's best to do a small electric winepress.