Today the opinion of pediatricians, teachers and child psychologists has changed dramatically: to take on hands of the child is possible and even necessary, especially when he has such a need.

All parents know that a crying baby will calm down quickly, if you take him in her arms. But a young child begins to beg on hands consciously. Why would he need it? What does he gain? Understanding what's going on with him will help inexperienced parents to make a decision in this matter. Being nine months in the womb the child used to the feel of mom next door, heart rhythm mom is a natural for him. That is why, especially at first, it feels calmer it on hand.

Tactile contact with the mother gives the child a sense of security, and it helps to adapt to the new environment. The baby is such a contact required, and it achieves it the way he is crying. When a mother holds her child in her arms, the distance between the child and the mother's face is 30-40 cm, which is optimal for the visual system of the newborn. However, let us not forget that human face – for a child it is much more than just an object for contemplation.

A little grown up kids love it when their are on hand around the room, something to show and tell. The child needs you to obtain new information about the world outside the crib or playpen, ie, with your help, it satisfies my need for new experiences. But the basic needs of a child asking to pick him up is, of course, need emotional contact. Each person in the childhood should receive enough attention and affection from the mother. Children who in infancy and early age the feeling of loneliness, grow emotionally undeveloped, closed, and diffident, and this is not the best way affect the rest of their lives.

So, in the hands of the mother the baby gets more opportunities for emotional development. You could even say that the child has the right to require parents took him in her arms. Do not deny him this. A mother who is afraid to spoil the child thinks about his own comfort, not caring about the real needs of the baby. Young children can and should take, because for them it is the best proof that the world around reliable as they are needed and loved.

Of course, for uploaded daily chores mom the baby in her arms creates certain inconveniences. But we should not regard the time spent with the child, as lost – do not forget about the positive emotions that gets at communication with the child, the mother herself.