You will need
  • - infusion of chamomile, lime blossom or nettle;
  • - sea salt, pine extract, essential oils of pine, eucalyptus or mint;
  • mustard powder;
  • - chamomile, nettle, pine needles, flax seed;
  • - calendula flowers;
  • - chamomile tea or aloe Vera;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - potatoes, flax seed.
Contrasting footbaths well relieve tired feet and contribute to hardening, so try to do them regularly. For this procedure, you must lower the legs alternately for 8-10 times in cold (20 degrees) and hot (45 degree) water. In hot water should keep the legs three times longer than in cold. In a hot bath, add chamomile tea, lime blossom or nettle. To reduce feet sweating in a hot bath, add a decoction of oak bark.
Toning baths are used for edema and General fatigue of the feet. Make solution at the rate of 2 tablespoons sea salt (if not, replace sodium chloride) per liter of water. This bath salt, you can add pine extract or a few drops of essential oils of pine, eucalyptus or mint. After cool baths definitely spread legs.
With a cold take a tablespoon of mustard powder, a little dilute it with warm water, and then pour boiling water. Keep your feet in this bath for half an hour, adding a little hot water. After the procedure, carefully wipe the feet and put on wool socks.
With scratches and scuffs brew a tablespoon of calendula flowers liter of boiling water.
With fissures and calluses prepare a soap-soda bath with chamomile extract of two tablespoons of baking soda, the same amount of grated soap, a liter of water and prepared infusions of chamomile or aloe. In 10-20 minutes asprivate corn, then put on it a piece of aloe. When the corn turn white again wet it in soap-soda solution and scrape. This procedure should be done not less than once a week. Remove the corn will be on 6-7th time, depending on its size.
If hit by the legs, try to treat them in a bath of potassium permanganate. Make a pink solution of potassium permanganate, add a pinch of salt and soak feet in it for 20 minutes.
To improve circulation of blood per liter of water take 2 tablespoons of salt and add soaked pine needles spruce.
If cracked heels prepare a decoction of the peel of potatoes and Flaxseed. Add the water and soak your feet for 20-25 minutes.
After every bath dry feet and grease them with a nourishing cream.