Twisting leaves is a natural reaction of plants to the lack of moisture. Since the surface of the sheet, there is an intensive evaporation, the plant tries to save the precious liquid, reducing the area of loss. If you see that the leaves wilted and began to wrap in the tube – this is the first signal to check the moisture content of the soil clod. Dry plants should be watered abundantly, and, after some time, paraglide dried the soil to break the crust. Observance of the basic rules of farming and irrigation and mulching will help to avoid unpleasant consequences and to increase the yield.

However, twisted leaves can be a symptom of a disease associated with lack of soil nutrients. This occurs most often with a lack of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, manganese and sulfur. Remember, when was the last time you contributed to the soil mineral fertilizers. If it was a long time ago, should be feeding a complex fertilizer which includes trace minerals. Just do not overdo it, do not think that if you pour more miserable starved tree will thank you. Excess of mineral substances cause severe burns of the root system and can cause severe illness and even death. Follow the instructions.

By the way, about the overdose. A very common cause of Curling leaves on fruit trees and agricultural plants are chemical burns pesticides. You recently were treated to protect your garden from harmful insects or fungus, but today noticed that all of the plant stand with twisted leaves? Most likely you overdid it and threw up the solution a little more concentrated than it was required by the regulations. Unfortunately, in this case in addition to wait for nothing. To restore burnt leaves you will not succeed.

Take a good look at the plant, which curl the leaves. Often the cause of this phenomenon can serve the pests. Aphids, whiteflies, wireworms and larvae of the scoop – they all damage the root system or the leaves and cause loss of moisture and General oppression of the plant. Carefully monitor their plantings and don't let the little pests destroy your crops.