Often the cause of tears is uncertainty in the forces, so you don't hurt to attend a course on self-defense. It will make you stronger both mentally and physically.
In addition, tears can be your reaction to what you don't want to do anything, but do not know how to refuse others. In this case, can help little tricks, for example, in response to the request can also include any urgent matter, or complain that you have too many problems of their own.
If you still treacherous tears run over, you can wash in cold water and wet a handkerchief the neck, if practicable in your situation.
You can use special respiratory system:

a) inhale air through the nose and exhale also through the nose;

b) breathe in the air through the nose and exhale through your mouth make;

C) inhale and exhale do the mouth;

g) inhale air through the mouth and exhale through the nose do.

To do the exercises you need at least for five minutes.
You might think about something not related to a conflict situation.