You will need
  • -yarn of 100 cotton.
  • -2 skeins of polypropylene;
  • hook 2 mm;
  • -2 of the sole with the insole;
  • glue for shoes
Knit boots, combining two threads. Before you begin, two threads (a length of about 30 cm) together wrap into a small ball and set it aside. Remove the pattern from the soles of your shoes. Then enter an air chain with a length equal to the length of the pattern. Provarite half soles columns without nakido. The second half, do the following. Pass the thread through the associated loop, connect it with the General canvas by means of connecting columns.
Continue knitting up. To do this, attach the thread on the inner side of the sole and knit circular rows of columns with nakida. In the 1st row knit column with nakida in each loop. Without additions of bauleni. The second row differs in that the sides of the edges of the sock you need to subtract 1 or 2 loops at once. For this provarite together 2 column with nakida. So you will form the toe of the boot. The third row forms is not only the toe but also the foot boot.
Add the thread of the pent-up tangle. Attach it slightly to the right of 7 the Central loops and tie the sock into these loops counted seven rows in the direction of back and forth. So you collect the front part of the boot. After I finished knitting, thread, tear off.
Again, go back to the main thread. Circular knit 4 rows of columns with nakida around the shaft of the boot. Then tie on 3-4 subtracting the loops evenly in each row in the next 7-8 ranks. To do these you need to remove until the entrance to the shaft will not be the size of the ankle. Now knit 2 rows without any additions and bauleni.
Then knit in the following pattern: evenly, add on 2 stitches in each row. This can be achieved vymazyvaja 2 columns in one loop. So need to knit until the circumference of the boot will not be equal to the circumference of calf - approx 22 rows.
Go to the manufacturer of the lapel. For this link 6 circular rows of single rubber band and finish the knitting next to the columns without nakida. Tie a decorative embellishment if you want. This can be a cord, for more loops etc. Now gather all the product. Glue the sole.