Remember, what is viscose

Most likely in every wardrobe there are things from it, not even one. So, rayon is viscose familiar to many, that's exactly what this material is called in the United States of America. The fabric is a artificially produced cloth, which is made from wood pulp, she, in turn, is a 100% natural product. It is worth noting that despite the fact that rayon has nothing to do with silk and cotton, he manages to combine perfectly the main advantages of both.

Rayon is used when tailoring combined with polyester or spandex. What to choose as a Supplement, is solved depending on what kind of clothes to sew. The material is perfect for light blouses, jackets and trousers. The fabric is easy to work, pleasant to the body, it has high durability and practicality.

Modern designers prefer rayon and love it for the special "compliance". They note that the special structure of the material allows to create clothes of any complexity, to form interesting folds, tucks, cuts and easy to achieve the desired volume and style.

Of rayon you can sew almost any clothes, men and women, for everyday wear or elegant options out. Typically, the material used to create clothes for the warm season. It is weightless, flowing and airy.

The advantages and disadvantages of fabric

Among the advantages of the material include:
• a sufficiently high strength, conceding, perhaps, only silk, flax and cotton;
• good elasticity, strong tension is contraindicated, it can cause serious upset;
• high thermal conductivity;
• the fabric is absolutely not of interest to insects, so when anti moth storage is not required;
• clothing made of rayon allows the skin to breathe and is good enough to cope with exposure to moisture and sweat.

Have a tissue and some shortcomings, but it is rather even minor difficulties associated with caring:
• items from this fabric should be washed extremely soft, warm water and the best hand. If you still use the washing machine, it should be "automatic". Also for rayon fit mode "delicate fabrics";
• after washing, in no event it is impossible to intensively squeeze the thing, and use a centrifuge to spin;
• when working with matter there is some inconvenience associated with the fact that the fabric mohrytsia on a cut, so the seams will take more time and effort.

It should be noted that rayon long is not contaminated, due to the fact that the fiber itself is very smooth. In addition, it can be quite and dry cleaning.