Mint is not only a medicinal plant with antiseptic, soothing properties. This is yet fragrant aroma that fills the house in the cold winter. This is always a treat to pamper yourself and your loved ones with a Cup of tea.

But how to grow mint?

Mint is not capricious, does not require special conditions for cultivation or additional care. For mint would be the perfect shaded place under the trees or near the fence, the fence around the flower bed. The simplest way to grow mint will be landing on the handle, purchased on the market. You can also find out from neighbors in the country whether they had mint. Planting the cuttings, providing periodic watering through the month, you can already settle for the first harvest. The clamps, mint grows very fast, and conquering new land. It is therefore necessary occasionally to observe, never leaves if the plant is intended for it limits.

What to do if the propagation by cuttings is not possible?

If you are not able to find the cuttings of mint, you can try to propagate the plant seeds. Seeds can be purchased at any specialty store. The most rational of seed to grow seedlings and then carefully transplanted into the soil in a permanent place. For this purpose seeds are sown in prepared soil, slightly preparativ a small amount of soil over the seeds. They should not be buried deep in the ground. With the emergence of the first shoots, not to forget to monitor the condition of the soil. Planting seeds in an enclosure will protect the germs of various weeds. After a couple of months if the sprouts are strengthened, their possible transplant.

The harvest can be produced as needed, it is necessary to use pruning shears or a sharp knife. The tops of the growing plants are cut off, retreating 4-5 cm from the leaf axils. Soon the cut new shoots emerge. The collected stalks are formed into bundles and dried at room temperature in a limbo.

Undemanding plant can be planted near the gazebo, then the fragrant aroma will clothe vacationers will create the effect of aromatherapy.