Sources of uncertainty

Man begins to realize himself as a person in childhood, so the causes of insecurity in the first place to look there.

If in childhood the child has had frequent troubles and even losses in various competitions, while the parents did this emphasis, in the adult period of life noticed only cons of his personality among all positive qualities. Appears envy to others, because they seem to be much happier and more confident. To avoid this, parents from an early age of life needs to teach the child courage and confidence, and various failures show with the best hand and don't pay them much attention. The slightest timidity and indecision with your child to overcome from the very beginning of manifestation.

It is necessary that the child as early as possible understand how to love themselves and appreciate their abilities, and understand how important it is.

How to get rid of uncertainty?

Away resentment

The best solution, of course, will be that way for combating uncertainty was accompanied by a specialist psychologist. But if to this we resolved to go himself, probably need to try your hand, and how decisively, without a doubt.

You do not need anyone to blame for his timidity and shyness, the charges must be cast aside.

Not to live past grievances, all the bad memories from childhood or youth must not be forgotten. The past is the past, it has passed, and the forces of peace it spent quite a lot, allowing you to build around the personality of the walls and various obstacles.

The past cannot be changed, but the future is completely dependent on the actions and thoughts that occur here and now.

Not to pay attention to other people's opinions and not give it value. Learn to praise yourself and not wait for praise from others. Most importantly, love for yourself and a proper assessment of their capabilities. So the move was more understandable and accessible, you can create a list of your talents and abilities, it will clearly show you should appreciate. And in addition, will allow to understand how things need to work.