Hot pepper, mustard, horseradish, garlic, onion – without it can not do, many people. But do they know that:

  • Cause of gastritis is often excessive eating of spicy food. It irritates the mucosa and the stomach wall, thus having a negative impact. There is a perception that spicy food boosts immunity, but it is not so. The stomach is in contact with it spicy food can not cope with the pathogens and the causative agents of gastritis triumph over the body.
  • Doctors discovered the connection of migraines and headaches with spicy food. Although these cases occur rarely, but nutritionists advise to refrain from an acute case of pain symptoms.
  • Such food affects people like a drug. To her quickly and hard to wean, even if doctor's orders are to limit spicy food. The reason for this is quite understandable. Tasted spicy, the body secretes endorphin, which is akin to morphine, the person kicks and experiencing a kind of euphoria.
  • Many people after eating spicy suffering from heartburn, to overcome which it is possible, only resorting to the drugs, but still did not stop to get involved in such items. Chronic heartburn can cause cancer of the esophagus. And this is not a joke diagnosis.
  • Few people know, but insomnia is also caused by acute food. Sleep disturbances, you may want to reconsider your menu and exclude certain meals from the diet. The development of migratory glossitis may be invisible and caused by the consumption of such food. Due to the pungent seasonings constantly annoyed the receptor language, and over time may lose the taste.
  • Studies have shown that frequent use of acute affects mood, corrupts and destroys the nervous system.

Dietitians advise to refrain from eating spicy and tangy food, consequences of the use of which can be dire and extremely serious. If spicy condiments on the table were not guests, but full members as first and second courses, replace them mild foods, not fearing to cause insomnia, migraines and heartburn.