Despite the apparent simplicity of such a tree must be strict adherence to farming. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain, and just doesn't make sense to do this kind of Apple trees. When buying seedlings, it is important to provide a comfortable environment for roots of plants during transport. You can't let the root system dry. For buying the best option are annual plants. They are easier to adapt to transplant and take root faster. After planting columnar Apple tree requires abundant watering.

The formation of the garden takes into account the fact that the columnar Apple trees tolerate compacted the landing. The recommended interval between desirable Apple trees of 30-40 cm in the row and between rows from 1 to 2.5 meters. During the growing season of an Apple tree need three times the fertilizing with urea. Dressing for the first time is after the leaves appear. Calculation of drug: on the bucket 10 liter — 50 grams urea per plant will need 2 quarts of dressing. The second feeding should after 14 days from the first; the third after the same time period after the second. Apple trees require regular watering.

Cropping columnar Apple trees, as a rule, not possible. This is only possible in the case of freezing the apical Bud or the damage to her garden of pests. If apical Bud froze solid, there are two new escape. One, weaker, is subject to pruning. Columnar Apple trees can decorate the garden for nearly 50 years, but in the first 15 years of fruiting colchado in the lower part of begins to shrink, falling yields, and soon the plants should be replaced.

It should be remembered that to make organic fertilizer in the planting hole at the time of landing is in any case impossible. The pit should be prepared in advance. A suitable compost or humus, it is enough to 3-4 kg. in one planting hole. To aid in the rooting of plants you can use a solution of IAA. There are many varieties of columnar Apple trees. In addition, they may vary in height. There are types dwarf, semi-dwarf and highly slim. Plant height ranges from 1 to 2 meters.