First we need to consider that visit a suburban area for many may be limited to 2 visits per week, and sometimes less. This is not quite enough, as in the summer care of plants require frequent watering, care and feeding. In addition, choosing a new and exotic varieties, novice gardeners often have no idea about how it is difficult to grow such crops require specific growing conditions.

Therefore, choosing the seeds for the future garden, you need to consider how the cottagers will be able to provide crops with adequate care. Such simple at first glance, vegetables like tomato, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, and many others require a lot of attention, frequent feedings, garters, and other activities. Most root crops, greens, pumpkin and potatoes are so capricious in care. These cultures will be the most profitable option for novice gardeners.

You need to determine the scale of the landings. This is especially important for those whose area is small enough. For such gardens cabbage and potatoes are unlikely to be a good solution, since these crops occupy a lot of space. Positioning planting crops, among other things, will have to consider and what plants love plenty of sunlight and which prefer shady areas. Before buying seeds you need to decide also what the composition of the soil on the site. Sandy and sandy loam soils well suited for crops early maturity. This is because these soils warm up better. But the clay in this respect inferior to sandy and for early crops are not suitable.

You should break 8-10 beds, for a start it will be enough. Width of beds is the most suitable -70 cm, and the distance between the ridges 1-1.5 meters.

Let the plots aren't that many crops, but with the right approach to their selection a beginner summer visitor will be able to get a good harvest and gain experience in farming, which subsequently will help to introduce new varieties of crops.