Both of these products applied after it was applied liquid Foundation. Bronzer is designed to highlight cheekbones, make his forehead higher, his chin already – simply saying that the face looked more graphic, had the correct shape. Choose a bronzer, the color of which is spent in the cold more brown than red, so it will look more advantageous and give a realistic shadow. Apply bronzer have beveled thick brush on the cheekbones, while saying the letter "u". Just don't go overboard with product, so as not to look ridiculous.

The highlighter brightens the contrary some of the features. A good highlighter as well as a good bronzer, hard to find – choose it, agreeing with your color type. To understand what tone you best go look at your wrist – if your veins cold blue tones, the makeup, prefer cold tones, but if veins olive – warm. Cool colors shimmers / highlighters do not look as natural as warm, keep this in mind. Choose a highlighter fine grinding, without an abundance of sparkles. They will add your skin a healthy glow, freshen makeup. Hilter, apply to the apples of the cheeks, a little on chin and forehead. A little secret – if you apply highlighter in a triangle of lips, lips will be visually rounder.